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srijeda, 7 veljače, 2024 - 19:00 do 21:00
Hotel Westin
Krsnjavoga 1
10 000 Zagreb

"Lost in Translation"  isn't just a movie title - it is a daily struggle for our language warriors ! 

Machine translation: A Blessing or a Curse ?

Identifying Red Flags : Machine vs. Human Translation

Impact on Your Business

How can machine translation and human translation live happily ever after ?


This presentation will be held by     Melanija Habrun : graduated in German Language and Literature and Ethnology. International experienced in HR, since 2012 owner of Et Cetera translation agency and also since 2012 independent HR consultant and international communication skills trainer in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany and Austria.


participation : 25,-€ includes dinner and wine 

Please contact : Marta Franković Polanović (marta.frankovic-polanovic@hanzekovic.hr)

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